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If your car or van's Air Conditioning has not been serviced or re-gassed recently you probably find that it is not working effectively especially in the heat of summer when it is required to work it's hardest. At Hartley Garage we recommend that your aircon system is serviced at least every two years and ideally annually alongside your regular vehicle service.

We have the latest Sun re-gassing machine able to extract any existing gas, vacuum test and re-gas using either R134a or the latest R1234yf refrigerants.

We can offer a while you wait service, depending on the vehicle you should be waiting no more than an hour.



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Why Has My Air Con Stopped Working?

Air conditioning systems in most vehicles are generally fairly stable but the refrigerant used to cool you and your passengers in the hot weather can permeate through the system and escape, this is the most common reason for your air con to either stop delivery chilled air.

If your is however full of gas and pressurised then you either have a leak or one of the components such as the condenser or compressor has failed.

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