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FREE Winter Health Check

Is your car or van ready for winter?

Winter, of the four seasons, can and will have the most impact on your vehicle if it is not regularly maintained.

With the fast-approaching winter months seeing an increase in breakdowns and battery failure being the number one reason to call out breakdown services it is essential to prepare your car correctly.

Visit Hartley Garage and one of our trained technicians will carry out a FREE assessment of your vehicle.

What does Our Winter Check Involve:

  • Front & Rear Lights
  • Windscreen, Wiper Blades & Screen Washers
  • Battery Condition & Performance Test
  • Tyres
  • Coolant & Antifreeze Levels
  • Oil Check

Once your check has been completed you will be given a report along with any recommendations.

Call To Book Your Free Winter Check

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When we carry out your winter health and safety check we will carry out the following

tyre checks are free at hartley garage

Tyre Condition

The condition of your vehicle tyres is especially important when driving in the winter. Worn, damaged or underinflated tyres are a common cause of accidents and can lead to excessive wear and poor fuel economy their condition is often overlooked.

battery tests are free at hartley garage

Battery Testing

During the cold winter months, batteries will often suffer from failure due to the increased burden of starting a cold engine as well as using lights and heated screens. As the number one call out for the breakdown services a faulty battery can easily be detected with our digital testers.

anti freeze and coolant level checking

Coolant & Anti Freeze

Motorists will occasionally check their coolant levels but how often do they check the percentage of antifreeze present in the cooling system? A frozen engine can be very expensive and easily avoidable so we have included an antifreeze test in our essential winter check.

windscreen wipers and washer check

Wipers & Windscreen

The colder wetter weather requires correctly working wiper blades and a good supply of screen wash, our winter safety check includes a thorough inspection of your wiper blades ensuring they will clear any water from your windscreen and a screen wash top up.

free bulb and light checking service

Lights & Bulbs

Many modern cars have a blown bulb detection system but many don't! A correctly fitted bulb is essential to a good view of the road ahead as well as allowing your vehicle to be seen by other roads users.


visit hartley garage for your free oild level check

Oil Levels

In many cars checking the oil level is not as easy as it used to be and topping up with the correct grade oil is not straightforward either! Our winter safety check includes an oil check to ensure you running with the correct amount of engine oil, as overfilling can be as bad for your engine as not enough oil.

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